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Sushna Sudhakaran

Meet the Team

Sushna Sudhakaran

Sushna Sudhakaran

Delivery Manager
Meet the Team

#About Me

Sushna Sudhakaran, our Delivery Manager, brings over a decade of IT experience to the table. Starting her career as a software engineer and developer, she's honed her skills to guide IT projects to success. Her technical background blends seamlessly with her strategic oversight, ensuring a strong foundation for project execution. Certified in agile methodologies as a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, Sushna prioritizes principles of agility and responsiveness in project management. Her journey from coding to project leadership showcases her adaptability and unwavering commitment to achieving project goals. Beyond her technical prowess, Sushna excels in building high-trust relationships within her teams and with clients.

Proven Track Record

000 Projects completed
00 Years of experience
0 Region offices
000 Team members

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