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Earthquake Notification System for Colonial Pipeline

Utilizing geospatial technology, we automated a new safety process for Colonial Pipeline to monitor seismic events near critical infrastructure. The intelligent solution identifies earthquakes exceeding risk thresholds and instantly notifies personnel to enable rapid response. This prevents potential hazards with real-time alerts increasing the safety and operational resilience.

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Case Study

Colonial Pipeline required an automated solution to monitor seismic events and notify personnel when earthquakes exceeding risk thresholds occurred near critical pipelines and facilities. This enables rapid response to mitigate potential hazards.


  • Manual monitoring of USGS earthquake feeds was time consuming
  • Risk of missing or delaying notification of seismic events
  • Need to automate notification workflow based on location and magnitude
  • Ensure compliance with emergency response procedures


  • Developed a FME workflow to check USGS feed every minute
  • Identified earthquakes within 1 mile or 200 miles of assets
  • Triggered email alerts to personnel based on defined risk rules
  • Recorded event details and notifications in ArcGIS Enterprise


  • FME for data integration and automation
  • Esri ArcGIS Enterprise to visualize and record events
  • FME Server scheduler to run processes every minute

Business Impact

  • Increased safety through near real-time automated alerts
  • Assurance of compliance with seismic emergency procedures
  • Enabled rapid response to mitigate hazards from seismic events
  • Reusable solution provides visibility into critical data

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