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Well Control Simulator for Wild Well Control

Leveraging Mobile Technology to Automate and Standardize Critical Well Control Calculations.

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Case Study

Wild Well Control required a safe, configurable environment to train workers to react and respond to hazardous well control scenarios.

Situation Analysis

  • Well kill sheets were filled out manually by engineers onsite
  • Miscalculations could lead to dangerous well control failures
  • Manual calculations were time-consuming and prone to human error
  • Needed to digitize calculations to minimize mistakes
  • Required easy access to calculations at well sites


  • Developed a mobile kill sheet app for tablets and smartphones
  • Incorporated advanced engineering models for automated calculations
  • Allowed input of well parameters for real-time kill sheet generation
  • Provided different kill sheet methods based on well conditions
  • Built in validation checks and alerts for dangerous values


  • iOS and Android mobile app development with React Native
  • Complex well control mathematics and engineering models
  • Cloud integration for data storage and retrieval
  • Offline mode for reliability in remote areas

Business Impact

  • Reduced risk from human calculation errors
  • Increased well control operation efficiency
  • Empowered engineers with fast access to calculations
  • Standardized well kill sheet process across all sites
  • Provided auditable digital kill sheet records
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