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OpsViewer for Emerald Surf

Indigo Beam engineered a sophisticated cloud-based solution to tame complex industrial data streams and deliver unparalleled visibility into operations. OpsViewer provides Emerald Surf with real-time analytics and actionable insights.

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Case Study

Emerald Surf approached us to develop OpsViewer, a cloud-based data visualization platform to aggregate and analyze real-time sensor data from oil wells and other assets.


  • Manual monitoring and consolidating data from sensors was time consuming
  • Data stored in siloed systems made analysis difficult
  • Needed real-time dashboards and visibility into operations
  • Required a resilient and scalable cloud-based solution


  • Developed Azure cloud architecture for scalability
  • Created data pipelines with Event Hub for intake
  • Leveraged Time Series Insights for analytics
  • Built interactive Grafana dashboards for visualization
  • Containerized components for efficient deployment


  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Time Series Insights
  • Grafana for dashboards
  • Docker for containerization

Business Impact

  • Real-time data drove preventative maintenance
  • Consolidated data delivered actionable insights
  • Scalable architecture supports growth
  • Reduced costs by leveraging managed cloud services

Proven Track Record

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