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VR Training for HASC

Leveraging immersive VR technology, we created ultra-realistic safety training scenarios for HASC. The simulated experience takes retention to new levels over traditional methods.

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Case Study

HASC wanted to leverage immersive VR technology to create ultra-realistic safety training scenarios that provide engaging experiences and improve retention.

Situational Analysis

  • Existing training methods lacked immersion
  • Hard for trainees to visualize hazardous scenarios
  • Training retention and engagement needed improvement
  • Wanted hands-on approach without real risk
  • Needed scalable solution for various scenarios


  • Built highly detailed 3D virtual environments with Unity
  • Added realistic physics, sounds, and effects
  • Simulated equipment, environments, and risk events
  • Enabled natural interactions using VR headsets
  • Developed tools for easy scenario authoring


  • Unity game engine for VR development
  • Oculus Quest headsets for untethered VR
  • Real-time 3D graphics and physics
  • Custom C# scripts for interactivity
  • Cloud-based content management

Business Impact

  • Increased trainee engagement and retention
  • Improved training efficiency over traditional methods
  • Handled risky scenarios without real hazards
  • Flexible solution supports expanding library
  • Safer worksites powered by frequent, effective training

Proven Track Record

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