Indigo Beam builds the software applications that get the right information from the field to the front office simply, quickly, and accurately. Direct data collection in the field means that invoices are created correctly and immediately. Simplifying production cost calculations to usable, readable formats from multiple data sources means decisions are made with better information. Organizing the health of production equipment into a single dashboard makes the most of the vital data your instrumentation software provides to ensure optimum efficiency, equipment health and safety.

Houston-based Indigo Beam's reputation is based on nearly thirty years of propelling the industry forward through oilfield software automation innovation. We have a deep understanding of the operating environment and its underlying challenges. Our experience in custom application development, enterprise resource planning, and mobile technologies for oil & gas means that we turn your disparate and discrete data streams into usable, actionable information at your fingertips whether you're in engineering, accounting or operations. Our solutions enable:

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