Texas Department of Information Resources

DIR DBITS Contract Detail

Indigo Beam is pleased to have the opportunity to expand our government services by being an approved vendor through the Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Program with the following contract:

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources DBITS 2: Deliverables-Based IT Services Contract DIR-TSO-4078

Benefits of Using the DBITS Contract

All contracts have been competitively bid so you no longer have to prepare competitive solicitations or evaluate responses. DIR has done the time-consuming procurement work for you. Any Texas state, county or local government office or public education entity—no matter how small—can participate in the Co-op Contracts program.

Can public entities outside the State of Texas also use the DBITS contract?

Yes. Public entities outside the State of Texas may also use the DBITS contract.

Services Awarded

Indigo Beam offers the following technology categories through the DBITS contract:

Application Maintenance and Support

Application Development

Information Technology Project Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

How to Order

The DIR Cooperative Contracts program requires two items to be completed before work can begin:

1. Statement of Work

2. Purchase Order

For more information on the DIR contract ordering process, please visit the DIR Cooperative Contracts program website.