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Whether you need a strategic partner to collaborate on long-term roadmaps, an agile team to execute sprints, or trusted advisors to guide your internal teams - we adapt to your needs. Our flexibility enables us to be a partner that becomes your alter ego.

Continuous Delivery

The journey from concept to reality is paved with innovation. Through rapid prototyping and continuous delivery, we transform ideas into tangible solutions swiftly and efficiently. This approach reduces risk and allows you to realize returns on your investment sooner.

Elevated User Experience

We place users at the center of our design philosophy. A positive user experience is the heartbeat of any successful digital solution. By focusing on intuitive interfaces and engaging interactions, we elevate the user journey to create solutions that are not just functional but truly delightful.

Meaningful Alliances

We view clients as true partners and take the time to understand your business goals and challenges at a strategic level. Our collaborative approach fosters trust and transparency. We focus on delivering long-term value, not just short-term gains.

Dick Hannah

The immersive VR training simulations developed in partnership with Indigo Beam have enabled us to effectively train our customer’s employees and improve their safety records.

Dick Hannah, VP of Operations, HASC

Joe Hartman

Hydrochem’s remote accounting solution enabled us to capture field data accurately and improved our DSO while minimizing credits and rebills.

Joe Hartman, VP of IT, HydroChemPSC

Alfred Sobrino

The innovative playground design tools created by Indigo Beam enables us to deliver an unforgettable experience for kids of all abilities. Our partnership has led to many successful projects.

Alfred Sobrino, Global VP of IT, PlayPower

Puneet Wahi

Indigo Beam enabled OnPoint to deliver a superior employee experience through efficient time capture and applicant tracking systems.

Puneet Wahi, CIO, OnPoint

Our Offerings

Change Perception - CMS

Revolutionizing Content Interaction

Our content management solutions (CMS) go beyond mere organization. We change the perception of how content powers business processes, enhancing accessibility and governance to transform the way information is consumed and utilized in your enterprise.

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Change Habit - ERP

Reengineering Operational Rhythms

With our ERP offerings, we change habitual workflows into streamlined, efficient processes. Our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with your business, enabling a transformation in your operational routine that drives productivity and profitability.

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Change Legacy - Digital Modernization

Evolving Your Digital Footprint

Application modernization is at the heart of changing legacy systems. We rejuvenate outdated applications, breathing new life into your existing investments, and ensuring they serve your future needs in a modern digital landscape.

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Change Perspective - GIS & BI

Insights That Reshape Understanding

Our GIS and Business Intelligence services change perspectives by turning data into actionable insights. We empower decision-makers with the tools to view data through a new lens, uncovering opportunities and driving strategic direction.

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Change Relationships - CRM

Deepening Connections Through Technology

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are designed to change how relationships are managed, fostering deeper engagement with customers and enhancing the customer experience at every touchpoint.

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Change Your Future - AI

Crafting Tomorrow's Solutions Today

At the forefront of our offerings is the promise to change your future. With advanced AI and IoT technologies, we are not just reacting to trends but actively shaping the trajectory of your industry and the role your business plays within it.

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Texas DIR Approved

Texas DIR Approved

Indigo Beam expands our government services by being an approved vendor through two Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts Programs.

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Our People

Mindy Park

Mindy Park

Chief of Staff

Marcelo Cazini

Marcelo Cazini

VP of Delivery

Mitchell Atwood

Mitchell Atwood

President, LOGIC Solutions Group

Jim McConn

Jim McConn

Director of Business Development

Garima Vyas

Garima Vyas

Practice Director

Todd Buehlman

Todd Buehlman

VP of Business Solutions

Sushna Sudhakaran

Sushna Sudhakaran

Delivery Manager

Christine Muskopf

Christine Muskopf

Talent Acquisition Manager

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